Vanina Lorena

Professional translator from Buenos Aires, Argentina

"My name is Vanina Lorena Kfuri, I am form Argentina and I am a qualified, reliable and detail-oriented translator with over 10 years of experience translating, editing and proofreading files in Spanish for a number of translation agencies and small personal clients."

Native in Spanish (Latin America)

Working languages

English to Spanish (Latin America)
Spanish (Spain) to Spanish (Latin America)


Energy / Power generation / Oil & Gas
Medical/ Pharmaceutical

Freelance Translations for different translation agencies (ongoing) Trusted Translations Deltatext Translationary Two ways Translationline M y G Traducciones Akorbi Ideas Translations Valley Translations Rosario Traducciones y Servicios Kwintessential (From 2016-up to date) Temple Translations (From 2016-up to date) Bureau Translations (From 2016-up to date) EAP Medical Translation (From 2017-up to date) Freelance Translations for different Companies: Alpine Electronics Peugeot/Citroën Honda Suzuki Motorola Gancia Kyocera John Deere Kraft Foods Telecommunication translations for different Law Firms FeDex Alcomex (Customs Broker) Translations for Telefónica España Revisions of Translations for: Caterpillar Translation of Patents for Marval, O´Farrel & Mairal since 2007 until today. (Patents related to Engineering, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Medicine, Genetics, Automotive industry, etc.) Member of AATI (Argentine Association of Translators and Interpreters)

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