Professional translator from Barcelona, Spain

"I help businesses effectively communicate with their English audiences. I get results and click-throughs, and best of all -- a target market that trusts you. I specialize in transcreation, marketing texts, and legal texts. Work with me if you can't afford things to go wrong."

Native in English

Working languages

French to English
Spanish (Spain) to English


Legal documents / Contracts
Internet, e-commerce
Marketing & Advertising material / Public Relations
Media / Journalism / Publishing
General Business / Commerce
Travel & Tourism

As a native English speaker and a lifelong grammar geek, I help businesses entrepreneurs, and law firms effectively communicate to their English-speaking audiences. You might be a world-class lawyer or have a kick-ass product, but that doesn't mean you know how to write in a way that makes your clients trust you or want to work with you. That's where I come in. Legal translation: while I am interested in many areas of law, my specialty lies in B2B contracts and contractual language. I specialize in corporate and commercial law and public procurement in US and UK (England and Wales) law, translating Spanish and French contracts from Spain, France, and Switzerland. As a qualified member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI), I am required to study my specializations and revise my translation skills regularly to ensure my ITI-Certified seal means accuracy and quality for you. Commercial and marketing translation: you could say my legal specialization is my yin, and my marketing/creative writing side is my yang. I help transform useful but otherwise dull text into attractive and engaging copy, I create content from scratch, and I translate texts into an English so localized you’d never know it was first written in French or Spanish. I help people who care about making their texts easy – or even addicting – to read, with services ranging from stylish editing for native and non-native English speakers, copywriting and content writing, and transcreation/creative translation from Spanish and French into English.

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