Professional translator from Monção, Portugal

"I am an indispensable international "boarding pass" for any company. Currently, My fleet owns 5 linguistic planes of the following models: French and Portuguese Concorde, Spanish Boeing, English Airbus and Russian aircraft."

Native in French & Portuguese (Europe).

Working languages

French to Portuguese (Europe)
Spanish (Spain) to Portuguese (Europe)
English to Portuguese (Europe)


Certificates, diplomas, licenses, cv's, etc
Social Science
Accounting & Finance
Private Correspondence, Letters
Legal documents / Contracts
Internet, e-commerce
Media / Journalism / Publishing
General Business / Commerce
Information Technology
Literary Translations
Shipping / Sailing / Maritime
Travel & Tourism

Diploma: Applied Foreign Languages (Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian and English). I was born in France, and I studied in Portugal since my 16 years old. I am translator since 2007 working with numerous international companies.

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