Professional translator from North Augusta, United States

"My college degree (BS) is in agriculture (major: entomology). I was employed as a Senior Research Specialist in entomology by Virginia Tech for 23 years and therefore have expertise in science as far as technical texts are concerned."

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German to English
French to English
Haitian Creole to English
Spanish (Spain) to English



My college major was entomology, and I graduated from Cornell University with a BS degree in 1977. After that I did an agriculture internship (Praktikum) in Germany to acquire hands-on experience in agriculture. I worked for 23 years as a research specialist in entomology for Virginia Tech. I earned my translation certificate after successfully completing the New York University online studies program in 2005. My areas of expertise are science and patents. I started translating in 2004 and became a full-time translator in 2006.

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