Professional translator from Caen, France


Native in French & Norwegian.

Working languages

German to French
Norwegian to French
Danish to French


Internet, e-commerce
Marketing & Advertising material / Public Relations
Media / Journalism / Publishing
Literary Translations
Travel & Tourism

Hi, My name is Karine Barthelemy. I am a Native speaker of French, currently living in Caen in Normandy (France). I'm basically a journalist graduated from the University of Bordeaux Montaigne with an 8-year experience in tourism, hospitality, lifestyle, well-being, luxury, marketing, communication, and sports. I have been fond of Scandinavian/Germanic languages for years, so I turned into an English/Norwegian/Danish/German to French/English translator. I hold a Licence degree in the English Language from the Université de Lorraine, and my father is French and my mother is half English, half Norwegian. Besides, I worked as a PR/marketing executive and a web content writer in Dubai for over 3 years. As a translator, my subject areas are marketing content, PR/communication, media, fashion, design, hospitality, tourism, travel, luxury, literature, websites, web design/UX, lifestyle, IT/App. Concerning IT, I have knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 and WordPress, and I know a little about Javascript. I have already translated coded pages (without removing the tags). I can also offer DTP services, including Indesign. My rates are 0.03 EUR per word for translation and 0.005 EUR per word for proofreading. I'm hardworking, with a keen eye for detail, and committed to delivering each translation on time. I would love to join your team as a freelance translator and proofreader. Kind regards, Karine

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