Jing Qiao

Professional translator from London, United Kingdom

"By following your passion, you always strive to deliver your best work. I grew up experiencing four different cultures, which allowed me to have an international education and appreciate diversity. I realised the blessing that this was and started cultivating my love for languages and travel."

Native in Chinese (Simplified) & Spanish (Spain).

Working languages

Spanish (Spain) to Chinese (Simplified)
Chinese (Simplified) to Spanish (Spain)
English to Chinese (Simplified)
Catalan to Chinese (Simplified)
Spanish (Spain) to Chinese (Traditional)
English to Chinese (Traditional)
Catalan to Chinese (Traditional)
French to Chinese (Simplified)
French to Chinese (Traditional)


Accounting & Finance
Certificates, diplomas, licenses, cv's, etc
Corporate Social Responsibility
Cosmetics / Beauty
Electronics / Electrical Engineering
Games / Video Games / Casino
General Business / Commerce
History / Archaeology
Information Technology
Internet, e-commerce
Legal documents / Contracts
Marketing & Advertising material / Public Relations
Mechanical / Manufacturing
Media / Journalism / Publishing
Private Correspondence, Letters
Shipping / Sailing / Maritime
Social Science
Travel & Tourism

Professional translator, cross-cultural specialist, language & travel consultant. I hold a BA in Translation and Interpreting, MA in Audiovisual Translation and BA in Business Administration. I am a native speaker of Chinese and also native Spanish and near-native English. My working languages also include French and Catalan. What can I help you with? – Translation & editing of files, brochures, websites, marketing materials and more – Localisation in Chinese, Spanish, English, French, Catalan + Project Management – Multilingual projects with major Asian and European languages – QA (ISTQB Certified Software Tester) of websites, apps, games, software Here some of the subjects I mostly works in: * Travel & hospitality * IT (software / hardware / apps / games) * Business and legal texts * Web content * Fashion & makeup, style & trends * Social media * Ads & communication * Marketing * Transcreation * QA * DTP

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