Aldona Carolina

Professional translator from CDMX, Mexico

"Hi, I have 10+ years' experience translating and interpreting. All the clients that I work for have been long-term. I believe this is a good sign of my dedication."

Native in Spanish (Latin America) & English.

Working languages

Spanish (Latin America) to English
English to Spanish (Latin America)


Accounting & Finance
Certificates, diplomas, licenses, cv's, etc
Corporate Social Responsibility
Cosmetics / Beauty
Games / Video Games / Casino
General Business / Commerce
Internet, e-commerce
Legal documents / Contracts
Literary Translations
Marketing & Advertising material / Public Relations
Mathematics and Physics
Media / Journalism / Publishing
Medical/ Pharmaceutical
Private Correspondence, Letters
Social Science
Travel & Tourism

I studied translation and interpretation at one of the leading schools in Mexico City and graduated with honors. I am definitely very proud and genuinely enjoy my work. Once I obtained my degree, my first client hired me. This working relationship has lasted for over 10 years. The main sectors that I translate are medical information for patients and families, fashion, e-tail, insurance, commerce, government, education, ecology, sports and health. I always deliver on time. My tool of choice is Wordfast Pro. I interpret in all disciplines and have updated my skills with various courses, techniques and technology. Interpreting is tiring, but I’ve learnt how to handle it. About my free time: I swim, cycle, walk and do yoga. Besides, I try to keep a healthy work-life balance and visit the country whenever I can. This is important as I live in Mexico City and traffic prevails over anything else.

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