Jose Jesus

Professional translator from Green Valley, United States

"I grew up in Mexico and in the United States. I went to school in both countries with my final education being mainly in Mexico and specialties in the USA. I worked both in Mexico and in the United stated and traveled extensively throughout all of the American countries as part on my jobs."

Native in Spanish (Latin America) & English.

Working languages

Spanish (Latin America) to English
English to Spanish (Latin America)


Accounting & Finance
Certificates, diplomas, licenses, cv's, etc
Corporate Social Responsibility
Cosmetics / Beauty
Energy / Power generation / Oil & Gas
General Business / Commerce
Legal documents / Contracts
Marketing & Advertising material / Public Relations
Mechanical / Manufacturing
Medical/ Pharmaceutical
Shipping / Sailing / Maritime
Travel & Tourism

A FULL-TIME FREELANCE TRANSLATOR with vast experience. Having lived in both Mexico and the United States and a world traveler; educated and worked professionally in both countries. Professional career mostly employed by major International Corporations and also as the owner of entrepreneurial ventures in the chemicals, food, clinical and real estate fields. Once retired from the profession has been in the translation field collaborating with major International Translation Agencies, and with Direct Clients, in the ENGLISH to SPANISH and SPANISH to ENGLISH language pairs. Major specialties are: Translation of Government Specifications, official gazette entries, bids, and tenders, MSDS, clinical trial documentation, HR and employee manuals and various types of agreements. Has translated machinery operating manuals, promotional materials, military documentation, company profiles, and reports of various kinds. Vast knowledge and experience in Divorce and Child Support Proceedings. Has worked in Chemical/Physical/Biological science materials and most engineering, energy, petroleum, automotive, general manufacturing, medical technology, healthcare, legal, education, government, financial/accounting, and more. Has done transcriptions with and without translation as well as subtitling, and has collaborated in formatting, proofreading and improving the work of other translators. Capable of doing large translations of complex subjects and special client petitions.

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