Professional translator from Santiago, Chile

"I am a fully bilingual business professional (MBA) who has been translating intermittently for over 20 years and full-time for 4 years. My specialisations are business (especially finance, but also marketing), law (especially contracts) and academic articles (especially science and economy/business)"

Native in English & Spanish (Latin America).

Working languages

Spanish (Latin America) to English (British)
Spanish (Spain) to English
English to Spanish (Latin America)
English (British) to Spanish (Latin America)


Accounting & Finance
Energy / Power generation / Oil & Gas
General Business / Commerce
Legal documents / Contracts
Marketing & Advertising material / Public Relations
Social Science

I work with specialised texts, translating in both directions (Spanish-English-Spanish). I have experience with neutral, US and UK variants in English and neutral Latinamerican and Chilean variations in Spanish. My clients are mainly businesses, law firms and individual academics looking to publish articles or improve their article presentations wither through translation or editing.

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