Professional translator from Madrid, Spain

"I am a lawyer and translator. After law school and training in Germany (1. und 2. Staatsexamen) I spent 6 years working as a lawyer in Spain for international law firms. In 2013/2014 I started out as a freelance translator specialized in legal translations."

Native in German

Working languages

Spanish (Spain) to German
English to German


Certificates, diplomas, licenses, cv's, etc
Legal documents / Contracts
Private Correspondence, Letters

I studied law in Germany (1. und 2. Staatsexamen) and spent 6 years working as a lawyer for international law firms in Spain, where I currently live. During my studies I learned several languages and studied US and UK common law besides German law. As a lawyer I worked with international clients and prepared legal documents in English, Spanish and German. I am familiar with the Spanish legal system and the German legal system as well as its respective language. I graduated high school in the US and Germany and am part of the international community in Madrid, so I use both Spanish and English on a daily basis, although German is the native language I grew up with. All three languages are part of my everyday private and professional life. I am a legal translator since 2013/2014 and focus solely on legal content, as I feel I can provide added value due to my legal expertise in addition to my language skills.

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