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"Traductora e intérprete Ruso, español, francés, italiano, inglés Traductora-intérprete jurada de francés y español Interpretaciones consecutivas y simultáneas Doctora en Filología"

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Thank you for visiting my page! To tell you a little bit about myself, I was born in Saint Petersburg, the city of the Czars and the midnight sun, and studied in one of the newly opened foreign language schools specialised in the Spanish language. After leaving school, awarded with an Academic Medal of Distinction, I continued my education at the department of Romance languages of the Linguistics faculty of Saint Petersburg State University where I attended numerous translation and interpreting courses. I also obtained a diploma that permits me to teach the Russian language to foreign students, and did my PhD work in the same area. Frequent travel and language courses in Universities of other countries (Spain, France, Canada and Italy) helped me to improve my language skills and to pass the respective official exams. I have published 15 scientific articles in the fields of translation, linguistics and folklore. I also have a guide-interpreter of English language certification, granted upon graduation from the “Interpreting in the context of professional communication” programme in Saint Petersburg. Later I moved to Spain to live and work, and graduated from the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting of the University of Granada with an average mark of 9.27 out of 10. I specialised in legal and sworn translation and studied different subjects related to law and economics (civil law, criminal law, immigration law, procedural law, international trade institutions, international validation of decisions, acts and documents). This allowed me to become a sworn translator and interpreter of French and Spanish. My second specialization at the University of Granada was consecutive and simultaneous conference interpreting. My work experience includes: 1. general translations: cafe and restaurant menus, gastronomy, travel and tourism, oenology, cosmetics and spa, trade fairs, economic forums, translation services, clothes and accessories, real estate, information technology, market studies, car rental, paintings and history of art, education, insurance, animal articles, advertising texts and websites; 2. legal, economic and administrative translations: agreements, deeds of sale, marriage articles, living wills, deeds of declaration of heirs, powers of attorney, legal notices, business correspondence, extracts of laws, certificates, diplomas and different documents issued by the public administration and judicial authorities during legal procedures; 3. technical translations: agricultural and industrial machinery, tanning industry, food industry, user instructions for household appliances, scientific calculators, security systems (electrical elements and software), ventilation and refrigeration systems, construction of computer networks, sealants, electric vehicles, fertilizers, marble treatment and marble products, Russian quality standards, etc.; 4. interpreting: visits to industrial plants, interviews, business meetings, press conferences, videoconferences, weddings, symposiums, medical consultations. I am a permanent collaborator with translation agencies, enterprises, individual clients and other translators and interpreters. If you require personal references, please contact me or visit the WWA section of my profile on ProZ: I try to continuously improve my computer skills. In my day-to-day work I use Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Trados 2011, InDesign CS6, Dreamweaver, FineReader, Catscradle, Inkscape, Gimp, Poedit, SilEdit and KompoZer, as well as Skype. As for my personal traits, I am a responsible person, meticulous in my work with written texts (maybe even slightly perfectionist), and a hard worker who truly has a passion for all aspects of translation and interpreting. You can also visit my website:

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