Mohammad Mahmoud

Traductor profesional de El Badrashain, Egipto

"This is Mohammad Mahmoud Abdul-Gawwad. Actually, I am an Egyptian professional translator/localizer/editor/proofreader (English/French<>Arabic), with long experience (+18 yrs) in so many translation domains. My native language is Arabic. I used to work for several translation/localization providers"

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Ingeniería Civil / Construcción
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Cocina / Artes Culinarias
Electrónica / Ingeniería Eléctrica
Energía / Generación de energía / Combustibles & Gas
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Transporte / Marítimo / Navegación / Naútica
Ciencias Sociales
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I provide Translation, Editing, Proofreading, Formatting & DTP services. I always adhere to the highest standards in industry, use the latest software & hardware, and utilize the most famous & optimal resources and references known. Then, in addition to services and competitive rates I can offer, I promise you I am willing to deliver very high quality work that makes you proud of your services among reputable translation institutions/companies all over the world. This high level will always be better & better with time. Being distinct & distinguished in the way I deal with respectful clients like you, I allow the client decide what his project budget can bear. I mean I am flexible in the rate issue since I don't want to stop working in such a multitude of international competition. As a professional service provider, it is not supposed to say so, but I know well you won't misunderstand my point of view !! You won't belittle our medium-sized office. To be brief, what I want you to know is that I want to establish a strong, long term cooperation with my clients in such manner that I guarantee a continuous work flow at variable, changed, flexible rates. This will be in return for very high quality deliverables, of course. So, you can decide your best rate at an individual basis. Domains of Expertise: Accounting, Administration, Agriculture, Architecture, Automotives (cars, hydraulics & trucks), Animals, Artifacts, Aviation, Botany, Banking, Business & Commerce, Computers (general, hardware & software), Culture, Earth Sciences, Ecology, Engineering (general, electrical & technical), Electronics, Environment, Finance, Food, Government & Politics, Genetics, Geography, History, Human Resources, Human Studies, Internet & Data Processing, IT-based documentation, Journalism, Law, Localization, Machinery, Management, Marketing/Promotion, Medicine (general, instrumental, diseases, Pharmaceutical & health care), Media, Military, Networking, Oil & Gas, Philosophy, Poultry, Physiology, Psychology, Sociology, Software Localization, Sports, Telecommunication, Textile, Tourism & Travel, Trade Training & Utilities, Website Localization. This is in addition to all kinds of brochures, manuals & user guides of electronic, electrical & industrial devices.

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