Traductor profesional de Saint-Denis, Francia

"Mis numerosas experiencias en famosas instituciones y agencias de traducción (Comisión europea, Embajada boliviana, etc.) me han aprendido a trabajar rápido y me han permitido enriquecer mis conocimientos en traducción jurídica, técnica, institucional y médica."

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As a translator, my writing skills are excellent, from spelling to style. This is true for French but also for English and Spanish. Moreover, if my literary flair pushes me to polish each sentence with the greatest care, I am also a born pragmatist and I never forget the importance of respecting deadlines and being organized. My experience at the European Commission offered me the possibility to learn how Europe works. I got the opportunity to translate documents of many fields: environment, justice, market, etc. It also strongly increased my thirst for knowledge. Furthermore, as a translator for the Bolivian Embassy, I translated bilateral treaties and agreements between Bolivia and France and/or Europe. I also worked in a well known translation agency in Paris called UnionTrad Company where I improved my capacity to work fast and my knowledge in legal and technical translation. While I trust this information to offer a rather reliable portrait, I would like to mention a few more details. On a personal level, I find hard work rewarding. I also believe that striving for excellence is an ongoing quest, and that is the reason why I devote a significant share of my spare time to linguistic and creative activities, such as learning new languages or reading.

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