Málaga is a province of Andalusia and the capital of the Costa del Sol, as well as being the fifth largest city of Spain. It is one of the most important tourist destinations of the world and has the second largest port of the country.

It is a cosmopolitan city with 1,660,944 inhabitants. Its culture, traditions, gastronomy, a climate to die for, and the hospitality of its people make Málaga a special place. Tourism and the service sector are at the heart of its economy.

At blarlo, we offer translation agency services in Málaga. We classify and vet all of our professional translators by translation specialty and native language in order to guarantee the best possible results.

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Sworn translations in Málaga

At our agency, we are aware of the fact that the art of translating words from one language to another is far from easy. It is necessary to know the true meaning of the text to be translated as well as the respective languages in order to come up with a translation in the right context.

Our sworn translations in Málaga are more than just literal translations in which words are substituted. The aim is to express the meaning and context, as well as the text’s nuances, in the best way possible.

We have an extensive team of sworn translators in this city appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation who have extensive experience and training in different disciplines. Official texts are delivered in paper format and duly signed and sealed, always being accompanied by a copy of the original.

At blarlo, we offer professional translation services that are custom tailored for our clients, offering dependability and confidentiality along the way. We guarantee that you will have your sworn translation as quickly as possible and at the best price.

We ensure that our services cover all the communication needs that may arise to achieve the full satisfaction of those who trust in our work.

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Professional translation in English, Spanish, German, and many more languages.

Professional translations in all the languages your company needs: English, French, German,, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, Catalan, Basque, Swedish, Dutch, Polish, Romanian, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Japanese... Because we work with large international clients, we can offer you the best quality and rates in the market.

Professional translators in Málaga

At blarlo, we know that a text cannot be translated exactly with all its peculiarities to another language because of the very nature of language – the process will never yield 100% identical results.

Our professional translators located in Málaga are able to deal with the nature of the translation process in the best possible way, providing the best equivalent translation there can possibly be.

Our native professional translators hold degrees and have training in different disciplines, with vast experience in the sector and they are fully up to date with their language. All this helps us to offer companies services of utmost quality, both in terms of the time to undertake services and in terms of the way services are undertaken – and always at the best price.

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Some of our translators in Málaga

Benedikt B.
Starting from: 11-01-2023

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Starting from: 15-06-2021

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Danai R.
Starting from: 25-06-2018

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Angeles B.
Starting from: 08-01-2018

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Patricia S.
Starting from: 21-10-2020

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Sofía B.
Starting from: 08-08-2021

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Anastasia A.
Starting from: 04-08-2018

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Lindsey Alison C.
Starting from: 04-07-2018

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Starting from: 07-02-2017

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Yongkai W.
Starting from: 14-04-2020

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