Bilateral relations between South Korea and Spain have remained at the forefront of their economic relationship, as trade and services have increased year after year.

South Korea is Spain's fourth biggest customer and number three bilateral partner. Both countries have followed parallel processes of industrialization, modernization, growth, and trade integration.

Trade of both goods and services between Spain and South Korea is increasing. Trade is very diversified; however, automobiles, chemicals, metals, agricultural food products like pork, beverages, and other consumer goods have become very important in recent years.

On the other hand, Korean exports to Spain have included industrial products, such as automobiles, plastics, smelting, machinery, chemicals, and consumer goods.

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Spanish and Korean are two completely different languages. This is why we recommend that you do not entrust your documents to translators who are not properly qualified, as they often use online machine translation software that does not have the ability to correctly distinguish between proper grammar, idiomatic expressions, and other subtle characteristics of both languages.

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The South Korean market is characterized by the high purchasing power of its consumers, with increasingly demanding and sophisticated tastes that have learned to appreciate European products.

The bilateral trade of goods and services is expanding and shows increasing diversification. South Korea is the third largest destination for Spanish exports and globally, it is the number 19 recipient of the export of Spanish goods.

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Experts in Translations from Korean into Spanish

In South Korea, there is a growing interest in learning Spanish. This is due to the growing relations with Latin American countries, which in turn, increases the demand for Korean professionals who are fluent in Spanish to work in companies dedicated to exporting and international relations. Additionally, there is a special preference for the language variant of Spain.

To ensure the success of Korean-Spanish business relationships, it is very important to exude confidence for investors. This is why our Korean to Spanish translation agency offers transparent and reliable services, qualities that help open up greater business opportunities in both markets.

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Just as the commercial relationship between Koreans and Spanish has increased, so has the need for translation services from Korean to Spanish and from Spanish to Korean that meet the precise technical requirements necessary to ensure the communication flows in both directions, regardless of the subject matter of the texts.

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The prices of translation into Korean will depend on the number of words your texts contain, the subject matter of the documents, how urgent they are, and the recurrence of orders. Request a free and instant quote and be amazed by our competitive prices.

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