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blarlo is an international translation agency that optimizes its professional translation services with digital processes through the use of its Translation Optimization Platform (TOP), which gives clients access to professional and specialized translators from all over the world.

We drastically reduce the time required to complete professional translations, from days to minutes/hours, with the highest quality, and bundling or reducing rates.

We work exclusively with the best professional translators. We make certain that all our translators are professional translators, who have extensive experience and translate exclusively into their native languages.

We specialize in translations into more than 100 languages, including: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Czech, Chinese, Arabic, etc.

Translation services

Business translation service

Prior quotation 0.04-0.12 $ per word
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Professional translation service for businesses with recurring needs. Contact us and request a personalized translation quote. We will register you in our digital platform, which optimizes translation processes, therefore reducing costs. The more you translate with us, the more your translation processes are optimized.

Certified translation service

Starting from 0.08 $ per word
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Certified translation service for all types of documents, which consists of a professional translation signed and stamped by a Certified Translator (a translator who has been certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation of Spain). We have certified translators for a wide variety of languages and with legal validity in several countries.

Post-editing translation service for businesses

Starting from 0.04 $ per word
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Translation service for large volumes of information (over 200,000 words a month). We offer you machine translation services with artificial intelligence and post-editing performed by a professional native translator. The best service for the best price.

Immediate professional translation service

  0.12 $ per word
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For customers with specific needs, we offer an online platform for immediate professional translation. Send us your translation request and our native translators will start working on your text in a matter of minutes. You may request the translation of anything, from a tweet to a contract or a website.

Professional translation

Get a translation quote in a matter of minutes

Get a translation quote in a matter of minutes

Upload, paste your texts, or send us an email. Choose the languages you want to translate into and the field of specialization of the content (financial, business, technical translations, etc.). Our Translation Optimization Platform (TOP) assigns you an expert project manager, who analyzes your documents and extracts the content from the format. Repetitions are detected in the content, the text is compared with translation memories, and glossaries are created. As a result, we know the number of words to be translated and the time and team necessary to do it.

The best team of professional native translators

The best team of professional native translators

The TOP is responsible for selecting the most appropriate native translators available. If required, texts are divided and each translator is informed of the translation project’s characteristics and timeframe. Your texts will be translated in a matter of minutes!

The TOP assists the professional translator throughout the translation process. In the editor, the translator has access to translation memories and glossaries, and many terms are suggested. Some projects even include a pre-translation based on AI and neural models.

Receive your professional translation with the highest quality

Receive your professional translation with the highest quality

Once the translation is finished, the platform checks that all spelling and writing conventions have been observed, reviews the syntax used, and homogenizes the text. Finally, the document’s original format is reapplied to the already translated text, and then our quality assurance team completes a final review before delivering it to the customer.

Specialized translation company

At blarlo, we specialize in a variety of translation services: technical translation, legal translation, medical translation, translation for tourism, translation for ecommerce, financial translation, etc.

We classify and vet all of our professional translators by translation specialty and native language. We currently have over 3,000 professional translators, representing 90 different nationalities and located around the world, which allows us to offer specialized translation services to our clients and their projects, to meet specialization needs at all times. We’re also able to adapt to any timezone for our international clients.

As a translation company, blarlo strictly respects the deadlines agreed upon with the client and ensures the absolute confidentiality of all documents received.

Whatever it is that your company does, we will provide you with the best professional translation services, at competitive prices and guaranteeing the best quality.

Specialized translation services

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