Barcelona, the capital city of Catalonia, is a Mediterranean, cosmopolitan city and it is the most active city in Spain financially speaking. In said city, Spanish and Catalan are the two many languages. It has a population of 1,620,343 inhabitants.

It is one of the most important cities of Europe for business and it generates and attracts local and foreign entrepreneurs. It is also becoming a European hub for the creation of businesses.

At blarlo, we offer translation agency services in Barcelona. We have the best professional translators established in the city, being able to draft quality texts for our clients.

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Professional translators in Barcelona

At blarlo, we have a team of professional translators in Barcelona who are fully qualified to draft the best translated texts.

They are aware of the fact that new words and expressions crop up frequently to explain new concepts. Therefore, our professional translators in Barcelona are always up to date with the evolution of their own language.

When you ask us for a translation, we assign you a native translator located in Barcelona with experience in your sector. What’s more, each and every one of our professional translators in Barcelona have a specialized degree in translation and they are professionals who are always up to date with their language to ensure the best possible service.

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Sworn translations in Barcelona

At our agency, we offer the best sworn translations in Barcelona. We know and understand just how important it is to present an official document that is a true and accurate translation of the original. We have a translation team in Barcelona with vast professional experience capable of drafting a document with all the necessary guarantees and certifications.

Our translation services in Barcelona comply with the legal requirements and demands to ensure that the final document obtained can be considered an official sworn translation. We make sure that our clients will be able to present a completely translated document, especially with all the guarantees of a sworn translation. Our official translations in Barcelona are done by sworn translators who have been named by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Official texts are delivered in paper format and duly signed and sealed, always being accompanied by a copy of the original.

Blarlo can handle the translation of all types of texts with the right vocabulary and a proper understanding thereof, and that means unparalleled recognition, certification, and validity before official agencies and international bodies.

We make the best sworn translation services available to any client in Barcelona – always at the best price and with utmost quality.

More than 1000 active customers in 34 countries

blarlo review
Aníbal Ruiz
We’ve contracted Blarlo’s services on several occasions and they’ve never let us down. They’re professional, efficient, and responsible with deadlines, all while offering very competitive prices. I have only positive things to say about this agency and I’ll definitely count on them again for future projects.
blarlo review
Shaunna O ́keef
We contacted blarlo for an important translation project. The job itself was of a sensitive nature, from Basque into English and Spanish. They were aware of its importance throughout the entire process and provided helpful comments as well as a professional result. I was particularly impressed by the speed and quality.
blarlo review
Goran Koletić
Blarlo’s service was very efficient and professional at every step (from the RFQ to the end product: translating our research material from English into Dutch). They took control of the entire process, paying particular attention to our needs and delivering the translation on time. We are very happy with the results!
blarlo review
Daphné Lacroix
Blarlo is a really professional translation agency. We needed to translate our fashion content from English into Arabic and French, and the quality of the translations and the formatting of the documents was excellent. They respond to your each and every need, all while fulfilling deadlines. We’ve been working with blarlo for a year and we’re very happy.

Professional translation in English, Spanish, German, and many more languages.

Professional translations in all the languages your company needs: English, French, German,, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, Catalan, Basque, Swedish, Dutch, Polish, Romanian, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Japanese... Because we work with large international clients, we can offer you the best quality and rates in the market.

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Translation And 90 more languages... And 90 more languages...

Some of our translators in Barcelona

Cristina María O.
Starting from: 18-11-2020

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Isabel R.
Starting from: 12-06-2020

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Ainhoa P.
Starting from: 05-06-2018

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Rosa R.
Starting from: 07-02-2017

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Bethan C.
Starting from: 27-06-2019

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Reina V.
Starting from: 03-02-2017

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Mandana R.
Starting from: 22-06-2017

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Ksenia M.
Starting from: 26-01-2017

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María Florencia S.
Starting from: 12-06-2019

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María L.
Starting from: 30-04-2021

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Corinna D.
Starting from: 29-10-2023

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Begoña M.
Starting from: 12-03-2019

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