Munich is the capital of Bavaria and one of the largest industrial cities of Germany. It is located in the southeast of the country, at the foot of the Alps.

It is a city of history and tradition that has 1.456 million inhabitants. The official language in Munich is German. In addition, the city plays an important role as a financial center and it is amongst the top in terms of quality of life.

At blarlo, we offer the best translation agency services in Munich. Our professional translators translate all types of texts, take care to look after every detail and ensure utmost quality.

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Sworn translations in Munich

We humans have an intrinsic need to communicate with those around us. This need makes translation something more and more important and increasingly present in our daily life.

At our company, we meticulously search for the best sworn translator in Munich – someone who has a great degree of experience in the sector and a deep understanding of the subject matter for the translation required by our client.

Our professional sworn translators located in Munich and recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation are experts in sworn translation and in certifying a wide range of documents: legal documents, court documents, administrative documents, notarized documents, certificates, and articles of incorporation.

Official texts are delivered in paper format and duly signed and sealed, always being accompanied by a copy of the original. At blarlo, we guarantee that your documents will be presented to governmental bodies without errors in meaning.

If you need sworn translation services in Munich, don't hesitate to contact us. We will give you the best results at the best price in the stipulated timeframe.

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We’ve been working with them for years. They’re efficient and meet deadlines. Very recommendable service.
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Excellent translation agency: fluid communication, punctual deliveries and good prices. I 100% recommend it :)
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It’s great working with you. I have complete peace of mind. Congratulations and regards to the entire Blarlo team!
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They adapt to your needs. Transparency regarding their rates. Maximum quality and professionalism. Very recommendable.

Professional translation in English, Spanish, German, and many more languages.

Professional translations in all the languages your company needs: English, French, German,, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, Catalan, Basque, Swedish, Dutch, Polish, Romanian, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Japanese... Because we work with large international clients, we can offer you the best quality and rates in the market.

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Professional translators in Munich

It is extremely important for a translator to perfectly understand the jargon of the sector and to be familiar with the stylistic nuances of the area in question and its terminology.

At our translation agency, we have the best professional native translators located in Munich, ready to translate your texts to a great number of languages and in an array of specialized fields.

When you ask us for a translation, we assign you a native translator with vast experience in your sector. What’s more, each and every one of our professional translators in Munich have a specialized degree in translation and they are professionals who are always up to date with their language to ensure the best possible service.

Translation company in Munich

Some of our translators in Munich

Denis K.
Starting from: 09-06-2022

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Assem M.
Starting from: 21-08-2017

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Dennis P.
Starting from: 02-02-2022

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Isabel S.
Starting from: 14-10-2021

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Amr A.
Starting from: 26-10-2023

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Lena M.
Starting from: 08-12-2021

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Carla M.
Starting from: 05-02-2020

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