The active and friendly bilateral relations between Spain and Portugal are largely due to the geographical proximity of both countries and possibly to the similarity of their languages. Because they share a border, these close neighbors have a relentless flow of population, goods, and services.

As far as trade relations are concerned, Portugal is Spain’s main exporter, and at the same time, the largest recipient of its products, which makes Spain Portugal’s number one partner. Meanwhile, Portugal is Spain’s number four destination for their exports.

As for the structure of these exchanges, the most relevant Spanish exports are automotive equipment and components, fuels and lubricants, plastics, automobiles, smelting and steel products, women’s clothing, semi-finished aluminum products, olive oil, semi-finished copper products, and paper paste. Meanwhile, the Portuguese products that are sold to Spain represent the following import sectors: automotive, foundry and steel components, plastics, automobiles, fuels and lubricants, olive oil, women’s clothing, electric power, home furniture, and cigarettes.

These figures are indicative of the amount of paperwork and documents required to successfully carry out all business and investments between the two nations, for which good communication is necessary to enhance the economy of both Portugal and Spain.

The native Portuguese translators of our professional translation agency will ensure that your translations from Portuguese to Spanish and From Spanish to Portuguese faithfully reflect the original language.

Such is the importance that gives to your documents, that we never hire unskilled translators, who do not meet the requirements or possess the certifications that guarantee their suitability. In the same way, we also do not use online machine translation, because although both languages look alike, there are also many words and idioms that differ abysmally between Portuguese and Spanish.

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The Spain’s business opportunities in Portugal favor products with a greater component of innovation and technology, such as those of the automotive, aeronautics, mold, information and communications technology, biotechnology and healthcare, electrical, and electronics industries.

One of the most attractive sectors for investment in Portugal is tourism. However, there is also great potential in other activities currently under development, such as the petrochemical, logistics, environmental, and renewable energy sectors.

The projects promoted by the Portuguese government in the fields of infrastructure and transportation are also an opportunity for Spanish companies who wish to participate in these activities.

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It is important that our products and services arrive in the neighboring country without obstacles or delays caused by unfinished paperwork. For this reason, Portuguese to Spanish and Spanish to Portuguese translation companies, like blarlo, make sure each of your documents are translated by native Portuguese professionals who will deliver translations of an unmatched quality.

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Portuguese and Spanish are two of the most spoken languages in the world. They are considered to be mutually intelligible languages, that is, that speakers can understand each other. Still, there are also important differences between them.

The presence of Spanish companies in the Portuguese market is high, with over 2000 companies with Spanish capital, many of which focus their business efforts on the entire Iberian Peninsula as a single market.

For this reason, it has become increasingly important to have professional translation services from Portuguese to Spanish, that are accurate and reliable, so that the information being translated has no grammatical or interpretation errors.

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The Portuguese language can be confused with Spanish when you hear it. This is because they both have Latin roots, and there are words that look very much alike. One of the most attractive things that this language possesses is that it is a rhythmic and simple language; it does not pose great semantic problems, although it has its peculiarities.

It is necessary to have a Portuguese to Spanish and Spanish to Portuguese translation service that meets the professional technical requirements to ensure the intermediation between the two countries continues to fruition, chief among them the certified Portuguese translator that can help you with your legal documents.

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