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Translation services for the Media

In recent years there has been a tremendous boom in the presence of media sector companies on the Internet by changing part of their business models and established paradigms. Just as in the traditional world this implies that the companies of the sector must seek to maximize the known social sharing of the media, and so it is necessary that the companies get active audiences through interaction with them.

In addition, the Internet channel opens in an exponential manner the target audience that the companies can access maximizing revenues by advertising, therefore increasing its audience. To do this, it is essential to be able to communicate with the audience in their native languages through the corresponding translations of the contents.

Translation services for the Media


In a global and interconnected world users or audiences are looking for news and information in a more comprehensive manner but always having in mind an important element, language. Having your media platforms professionally translated to different languages allows increasing the social sharing of media and, therefore, its revenues through advertising, subscriptions, etc.


Communication improvements have caused audiovisual content to be more used and demanded by the audiences on Internet because it is easier to communicate something and disseminate information. While the reading in other languages can be a barrier, for audiovisual content it is even more so. Blarlo invites media companies to professionally translate such content to incorporate them as subtitles, etc. and increase the interest and consumption network improving the business objectives of companies in the sector.

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